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Theoretical part

WP2 - Research

Responsible:Research Group “Art Aplications for social Inclusion”, Complutense University of Madrid

The teoretical part of ARIADNE has been developed through different activities related to documentating, reporting and elaborating theoretical documents able to be used as tools and basis for those who want to work with migrants through the arts. In them it will be possible to find different perspectives that enrich the area of working and cover the creative–art, dance, theater- as well as the psychosocial approach.


1.   Documentation thesaurus  

Each member of the consortium have collected studies, articles, books and documentation that can become a fundamental base for a theoretical background and a theoretical approach towards a solid and specific literature on migrants and adaptation through art.


2. All of this documentation has feeded a thesaurus, divided in the following parts:

1.         Social issues:

1.1.      General.

1.2.      Social dimensions in Europe.

1.3.      Postcolonial theory.

1.4.      Gender.

2.         Arts.

2.1.      Social applicationsof Art.

2.2.      Otheraspectsof Art.

3.         Cross- culturality.

3.1.      Theoreticalemphasis.

3.2.      Practicalenphasis.

4.         Education



 3. Articles written by Ariadne consortium

During the research phase, the members of the consortium wrote own articles about topics such as art and adaptation, intercultural learning. The abstracts of the articles you can read here:

Abstract of articles


The articles you can read here:

Art is good for adaptation
Vera Varieghi
Elan Interculturel

About the uses of Art as a medium for human growth.
Part I

Marián López Fdz. Cao
University Complutense of Madrid.

Untold Stories
Momentum Arts

Between and betwixt: theatrical space and reality
Panagiota Boemi ‐ Centre for the Arts & Intercultural Education
Christina Zoniou ‐ University of Peloponnese, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of
Theatre Studies

Bob and the Tribe
Agnes Ivan
Artemiszio Foundation